Retirement Estates

Studio seven is the leading authority on gym design and management for retirement estates.


We designed and manage the two biggest retirement estates in the country, namely, waterfall hills and waterfall valley Mature Lifestyle Estates.
Both estates were developed by century properties and both have won numerous local and international awards.

Studio seven is very proud of our association with these two developments and we have managed the gym at waterfall hills since 2010 and the gym at waterfall valley since 2014.
Designing a cost effective practical gym for mature people is a combination of understanding the body and the types of exercise which produce the best results. Keeping active into older age is the key to staying fit, mobile and independent. With this in mind we recommend the most suitable gym equipment, source the best prices and make use of the available space to its maximum potential.

We offer various management and maintenance packages as well as extremely professional and well trained staff to ensure that your gym will always perform at its best. Our comprehensive packages ensure the safe and efficient day-to-day running of your fitness facility including technical support, service visits, cleaning and safety checks. We also design and run a schedule of up to date exercise classes and offer a Vitality Discovery Device for all residents to record their daily workouts.


Be assured that choosing studio seven to design, maintain and manage the gym at your

Retirement Estate will be one of the best decisions you will ever make!


Water Aerobics Class

Body Conditioning Class