The gym at Waterfall Mature Lifestyle Estate is a lovely place to work out. Pleasant atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The only concern is the heat in the gym rooms on hot days as the air does not circulate very well.

The classes are well run and the instructors are very friendly and patient with the class members, kindly assisting with personal instruction where needed.

Olivier’s class is particularly enjoyable. It is an excellent body conditioning class. It covers all bases, cardio included with overall body toning exercises. It’s fun and uses easy to use equipment well adapted for every level.

We would highly recommend the classes at this gym.

Kind regards
Emma Healy on behalf of
Tomas and Colleen Sanchez

Hi Chris.

As discussed I would like to advise that while working with Studio 7 at the Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate for two years, while I was the onsite Estate manager, I had nothing but a professional service from them.
The client at Waterfall Mature Lifestyle Estate is a very upmarket one and in so the standards which are required are very high. I do not recall any incidents where a professional service was not offered, or where the client onsite was not happy with the offering.
Should you require any further feedback, please advise your future client to contact me directly.

Kind Regards
Shaun Swindon
Operations Manager
Trafalgar Property Management (Pty) Ltd

I joined the Studio-7 classes when I first came to Waterfall Hills Retirement Village.
At that time I could hardly fasten my shoes, or pick something up from the floor, let alone walk a long way without running out of breath.
Now- eight years later- after attending regularly the classes for Body Conditioning, Zumba, Stretch and Tone, Tai-Chi (offered at the time) and Pilates, I consider I am fitter, well balanced and trimmer than I was twenty years ago. I encourage my more sedentary friends to join the classes when they remark how well I look, for sitting and watching TV never did anything to keep a person fit and capable for our Senior Years!
Also, the close friends I have made are the ones I meet regularly at the gym. There is no excuse for being feeble when we have everything nearby to encourage activity and an alert mind, with the added bonus of flexible limbs.

Waterfall Hills Estate

I have not been able to use our wonderful facilities for some time and having started again this week I am so indebted to the trainers for their concern and watchful eyes.

Lilith Wynne

Dear Olivier,

I am a sixty seven year old woman and I attend your Pilates, Core conditioning and Body conditioning classes every week.

In the past I have joined several Gyms and have always ended up cancelling my contracts! However, with your classes I am always eager to join the group. I really feel as though I am getting stronger and fitter. Furthermore, I enjoy your professionalism and sense of humour!

I feel very privileged to have you as our Gym instructor and look forward to many more enjoyable Gym sessions with you.

Yours sincerely, Jenny Mincher

Olivier, I really enjoy the exercise classes, and I do them because I enjoy them . They are the 2 Pilates classes a week with Marcella, yours on a Tuesday am and the Friday am circuit with Zinhle. Unfortunately Saturday classes starts a bit too late for me. This interspersed with walking will hopefully keeps me reasonably fit. All the trainers are kind, considerate and helpful.

Thank you
Sheila. (The Sheila at the back of your Tuesday class)

We will have lived at Waterfall Hills for 9 years in June. I have attended classes at the gym from the first day classes started. There is no doubt that the classes have helped my strength, flexibility and mobility – so important as we age.
The classes are varied and we are so lucky to have such brilliant instructors – not only are they well qualified and knowledgeable, the exercises are geared towards the senior members of the population. Having said that, those who attend one class in particular can do 120 squats during the hour’s session! Could I have done that 10 years ago? I think not! Classes are geared towards various aspects of fitness: resistance training (aqua aerobics), core strength and posture (pilates), cardio and general exercise (body conditioning), circuit – using our bodies instead of the machines, and lastly, the fun class – Zumba.

Thank you Studio Seven, for giving us the opportunity for a healthy and mobile rest of life


I am a resident at Waterfall Valley Retirement Village
I usually attend two or three gym classes a week provided by Studio 7 and Olivier Leclaire
These classes are fun and great exercise and very necessary for the well-being of our residents
Each class is well prepared and diverse and stretches us whilst still maintaining a well researched relevance to our age and fitness
There is constant individual supervision which also ensures we are exerting ourselves without doing too much
We recently had to divide the Pilates class in two since the demand was such that they could no longer cope in one class
Happy to provide further information in need

Neville Nightingale
Cell: 082 8259061
Tel: 011 2606719

When I arrived at Waterfall Hills I was not a very active person, but decided to look around to see what activities are on offer here.

I tried Aqua but found that was not for me, and then decided to join Olivier’s Exercise/Body Core class – what a good decision – although I have found many muscles I didn’t know I had, the ‘pain’ is well worth the feeling of goodwill after each class and I am certainly much fitter than before. The company is wonderful, and Olivier makes the most difficult movement seem like fun!

Then came Zumba/Line Dancing with Leonie – I love every minute – my brain has to work just as hard as the rest of my body, and the music and laughter make the hour flash past.

Thank you both for improving my body and soul!

All the best
Dawn Slaney

I have known Chris Jorgensen for the best part of 30 years in both a professional and private capacity.

I have seen him run a successful customer Personal Training business. Chris was always extremely professional and polite, and his clients spoke highly of him.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any additional information.

Rick Jaffe
+27 71 470 4923

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris Jorgensen to undertake the design of training centres, or the management thereof. His knowledge of the musculoskeletal frame and the various attachments of muscles and tendons combined with thirty years of experience, make him a wise choice for anyone either in their twenties or eighties, wanting to remain in shape without unnecessary physical strain. Furthermore having seen some of the centres he developed, the sobriety of the setup created a pleasant training environment without losing its efficacy thanks to an adequate choice of machines.

Your faithfully
Bernard Lutz
Kenrock Country Estate
45 Eagle Ave, Hout Bay

I have lived at Waterfall Hills for almost 10 years. I started using the Waterfall Hills Gym and Pool facilities as soon as they opened. We were offered, as part of our living here, some type of class 6 days of the week.

I have substantial residual problems following Guillaine-Barre Syndrome some 27 years ago and a serious accident, 3 years ago, and cannot give enough accolades to our varied classes and dedicated instructors who keep us mobile and reasonably fit. Attending Pilates, Body Conditioning , and aqua aerobics classes are really enjoyable, a good discipline and a great way to meet friends.

I can only encourage other residents to take advantage of our gym and pool. No travelling, no parking problems and kind helpful instructors if you have never done anything like this before.

Janet Fleming
Waterfall Hills

Many thanks to you and Studio 7 for the fabulous classes you run at our Mature Living Estate. I especially feel supple and free after the Stretch & Tone class, my favourite!
Classes are fun ; there are always smiles and laughter….even though we work hard.

Thank you, Gill

As one gets older, the need for structured exercise is most important. Knowledge of the muscles and anatomy are essential to the variety of exercises you provide to all of us, and your attention to ailments of residents, by offering alternate exercises, is to be admired. All participants enjoy the light-hearted spirit that is provided during classes, which is evidenced by the large number of residents who turn up regularly to class in spite of many being in their 70’s and even 80’s! Thank you very much.

Kind regards,
Chris Atkinson